A blog about programming and free software spiced with personal experience

A blog about programming and free software spiced with personal experience
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My new computer with Ryzen heart

I have to and I want to brag that after a very long time, I threw myself into assembling the computer again. That's one of the reasons I haven't been in the past few weeks, so take my word for it that it's justified! I had been planning this quantum leap (compared to my 10 year old laptop it certainly is) for quite some time, and it happened almost at once. One thing that remains unchanged is that I stay true to AMD.



By the way, I use Arch Linux!

It's been a long time since I became a GNU / Linux user, which I'm proud of! I tried it out of curiosity (I hope I don't sound like a drug addict :)), and now I can't imagine everyday life without it. It’s one of those things that gets under your skin and there’s no going back! Officially or when they make me I use the other OS, but the love and affection to Linux is stronger than anything, probably that's why I write about it and always emphasize it. I've used a number of distributions so far, some just a few minutes, while others for years. The distro I use the longest and to whom I like to return after an experiment is ArchLinux, so I can afford to say that famous sentence – By the way, I use Arch Linux!



Resetting password on Windows - chntpw tool

I come back with the story again, and this time I go to the dark side ... a little. Why the dark side, you ask? Part of my job is to use Windows OS and I can't escape that. So I consider Windows the dark side because I know there is something better and of course I use that something every day. The other side of the dark side story is about computer ethics, but I had no other way out of the situation. I had to use Linux and the chntpw tool to allow myself access to one of the user accounts on one of computers at work.



Adjust the rendering of fonts on ArchLinux

My series of texts about ArchLinux continues, this time I come with one that falls into the category of post-installation. After a successful installation of the system, the graphical environment as described in previous postit is possible that the appearance of the fonts will not be the best for you. What it is about? It happens that additional font configuration is needed so that they do not look worn out, pixelated and in the mildest form illegible. You will find out the details in the text that follows.



How to install ArchLinux in 50 steps

The migration from the old to the new computer took me a long time, but it also enabled me to write this text. I need a reminder when an accident happens, and it can help someone. When you read "50" steps, it may scare someone, but if you know how to work in the console, there will be no problems. This way of installation can be fun, not to mention that "I am God!" moment and of course bragging in front of a clumsy neighbors that doesn't even know what Linux is, not to mention the console and all commands you type. They'll just think you invented the Matrix. This brings with it some bad things, they will ask you to fix their computer. When I say this it means that they will call you for every little thing. The warning is there, the good sides as well, so let me start with the list.



Forgotten password reset functionality

For all existing web services that require user profiles, one of the unavoidable functionalities is the reset of the forgotten password. Thus, Chat App - Web Application must also provide this option for users who have forgoten their password. Another reason why this option is needed is definitely security. Somewhere it is recommendation, and somewhere is an obligation to periodically change passwords precisely in order to maintain the level of security of both the account and the application itself, ie in the general sense of the system we use.



E-mail verification and account activation

As one of the improvements to the chat application In the previous post I mentioned the possibility of e-mail verification and as a logical sequence of things account activation that was created in the registration step. The mechanism itself is not complicated, it required an additional two columns in the user table, as well as an additional verification page with accompanying background verification and activation processes. In this text, i will cover this topic.



Chat App - Web Application

Looking for ideas for exercise and entertainment, I came across an interesting, seemingly simple application based on technology/ies – PHP, MySQL, JavaSrcipt, Ajaxand it's about chat web app🙂. There is a three-hour video clip that leads through the creation of the application, of course the text variant is also available, and most importantly the complete code. I would like to thank Coding Nepal for the work, effort and idea!



Current and completed projects :)


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Top skills :)

GNU / Linux operating system - freedom is priceless

I entered the world of GNU / Linux and free software in general back in 2008. and haven't looked back since. Love that fulfills, but sometimes causes a lot of stress :) For all these years I have used many distributions, but Arch Linux attracted and kept me. A distro intended for those who want to explore. Of course, GNU / Linux isn't perfect either, it's just sucks less than the others - that's why I recommend it to everyone! :)

PHP & Wordpress

ПХП (енг. PHP) као серверски скрипт језик и Вордпрес заснован на првом и широко распрострањен на Вебу је нешто чему тежим да усавршим. Сведок томе је и мој повратак на Веб након 10ак година лутања. ПеХаПе јако дуго познајем, имао сам пар мањих пројеката, али време је за нову страницу у тој причи и озбиљнији рад са моје стране.

JavaScript - main muscle of the Web

Backend or frontend, why not both ?! I have to admit, I ran away from the frontend for a long time, but in the last half year (at the time of writing this) I realized and did a lot on learning and applying JavaScript. Hours of reviewed tutorials and work are slowly starting to give results, and I'm just warming up. I looked at the syntax of the language in disbelief at first, but now JavaScript is something I need and want to know! :)

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