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3 in 1 - YouTube, GitHub and blog

A word or two about education

It has been a year since I embarked on completely new waters in my career. I never dreamed I would work in education, but my path took me right there. I emphasize at the beginning, I will not write what it is like to work in education, but how it affected me, my plans for the future and personal development. 

I guess there is no preparation for this kind of work, you just jump into the fire. I just have to admit it’s not easy, especially if you want to be good at what you do! I say this taking into account the conditions, which includes children, but also teachers and the education system in general! This is stronger than me, but I must point out that the system is quite burdened with bureaucracy whose purpose is not very clear to me. 

On top of all that, I find ways to approach students so they can easily learn what we do, while making things easier for myself in the long run. What does this mean? 

Technologies I apply at work

Given that the information age has taken hold and that a large percentage of students have access to at least a smartphone, I try to bring them closer and make available "on click" and "on demand" the area we study and which is my primary goal - microcontrollers. 

Youtube & Odysee channels

One of the directions involved launching youtube and odysee channels on which I publish videos with the way of performing exercises, explanations of electronic circuits and devices that we use in class. It takes a lot of time from the initial phase to the release of the video, but I think that this way fulfills both goals. The video clips cover the entire performance of the exercise with all the details, the explanation of the program itself and the logic used to solve the task have been specially processed! A snapshot of the real circuit is attached to show the functioning of the physical device. 

GitHub repo

The other direction of action is to maintain the repository on the GitHub , where I store programs from all exercises. (Hopefully) detailed code explanations are available with the code. The repository can be downloaded, which includes code and explanation. I consider the use of GitHub to be a modern heritage that students can get acquainted with, because later, as IT experts, they will certainly come into contact with this or a similar platform. 


The personal blog has been expanded, and now I hope it is also educational 😊 In one place (blog) it is possible to access every video or repo on the GitHub! I did not mention social networks in this text, but I certainly use them as well. 3 in 1, or even more :) 

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