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By the way, I use Arch Linux!

It's been a long time since I became a GNU / Linux user, which I'm proud of! I tried it out of curiosity (I hope I don't sound like a drug addict :)), and now I can't imagine everyday life without it. It’s one of those things that gets under your skin and there’s no going back! Officially or when they make me I use the other OS, but the love and affection to Linux is stronger than anything, probably that's why I write about it and always emphasize it. I've used a number of distributions so far, some just a few minutes, while others for years. The distro I use the longest and to whom I like to return after an experiment is ArchLinux, so I can afford to say that famous sentence – By the way, I use Arch Linux!

Why I use GNU / Linux

I made the first step towards using Linux a long time ago - in 2008, when I first installed it on my computer. I have met him before and listened to stories, but the stated year is the year of my transition to the Light Side - Anakine sorry! My Linux time has been running ever since. Like I said, at first it was pure curiosity, a desire to try something new. On the other side stood the Windows XP, so whoever remembers it can understand why I dreamed of something better.

Along with Linux, there was a renewal of an old friendship, which I am especially proud! Hanging out in elementary school and playing strong basketball in every free moment with Panky was briefly interrupted, so that Linux would solve it and make it even stronger :) After all, you can't even fish with anyone, especially when you use a billiard cue for fishing by which is tied a rotten rope found in our favorite cafe. I must add that we fished in the fountain in front of the cafe in the middle of the city. Even the police were nice, so they just left us to do our thing in peace! :)

What exactly is GNU / Linux

Not to exaggerate with sentimentality and deviate from the topic. I keep writing GNU / Linux in the post, because that is the correct naming of the operating system. GNU comes from the recursive acronym GNU’s Not Unix. Unix is ​​another story from which the latter originated (I return slowly but surely to the beginning of the computer era). GNU is a set of free software that can be used as an operating system or can be used as part of an operating system. From the second part of the definition, and in conjunction with the Linux kernel, it does something that has introduced a real revolution in the world of computers! GNU / Linux was created, shorter Linux operating system, with many distributions, some of the oldest are Debian, RedHet,… Not to mention them all, but it has been going on for 30 years.

The Linux kernel was created exactly 30 years ago (this year marks that jubilee) as a project by student Linus Torvalds. A couple of libraries written in the "C" programming language have developed into a project backed by the Linux Foundation and powers today's Internet!

Yes, believe it or not you use Linux without even realizing it. When you open your favorite site, there is a high probability that it is hosted on a server powered by Linux! All the supercomputers of this world use, you guessed it, Linux! Android is a combination of Linux and Java libraries. Macintosh, you ask - is a derivative of Linux, in fact BSD. As far as I know, SpaceX and NASA will use Linux in their missions. So Linux is here and is increasingly taking precedence.

By the way, I use Arch Linux!

I mentioned that I used a number of distributions. The first was the Linux Mint. It is characterized by ease of use and installation, ideal for beginners! There is also Ubuntu (everyone knows about Ubuntu today) and all the flawours that exist, Debian from which the previous two originated. Red Hat, Fedora… Arch Lunux has been appearing between these distributions for some time.

Why ArchLinux?

The answer is quite extensive, and I will emphasize the most important ones. Arch Linux is for enthusiasts, for all those who like to play and explore. After installing Arch, you only get a prompt, the skeleton of the future operating system. The system configuration is in your hands! Thus, a great choice is provided, especially in the choice of the graphical environment. There are a lot of them, so let's not go into that story, I'll just say that KDE / Plasma is my choice!

Excellently organized software repository!

The three repositories contain over 10,000 packages that you can install and use for everyday needs.

Package manager - pacman!

I'm going back to the console again, because I'm doing the installation and maintenance of the package from the console (prompt). Simple, powerful and fast package manager - pacman!

A Big comunity!

A large community of enthusiasts like me, (the rest i can not translate)!

Great documentation in wiki pages!

And most importantly, before installing and configuring any package and the system itself, you have everything explained in detail in the documentation section of the Arch Linux wiki pages, which are considered the most detailed and well-organized.

So after all of the above, I can freely say the famous sentence which is a thing for the users - By the way, I use Arch Linux! :)

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