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Udemy JavaScript certificate

After a lot of time, I managed to listen and do the final project on one of (in my opinion) the best JavaScript courses on the Udemyplatform. This is the course "The complite JavaScript Course 2021: From Zero to Hero" by Jonas Schmedtmann (I hope I translated his name well). I might not have written about the certificate itself and this particular lecturer, but my enthusiasm for his approach to the course, how it was designed, what it encompasses, as well as the way he explains, certainly influenced the decision to write this text. The very fact that the course contains less than 70 hours of video material speaks of its substantiality.

Using the Udemy platform

I have been using the Udemy platform actively for about 3 years. I harmonize my private / business obligations with the desire to learn new technologies and to some extent follow the trends in the field of web development. The transition between the two employers and the current p(l)andemic have certainly influenced me to be more committed to my goal.

About JavaScript course by Jonas

I attended the course less than twice, due to the fact that I found out about half of the previous version of the course that a new one would come out, which I finished. The course really follows the trends and development of JavaScript, so it includes ES5, ES6 and ES-next version of this language. Of course, this is what most courses on this topic offer.

What really attracted me and forced me to go further was the approach of the lecturer Jonas himself. He did an extensive course, where he went into all aspects of the JavaScript language. He explained quite well through practical projects, designed to best show the logic and way of functioning of language for a specific area. To me, who still has the "C" programming language in mind, it means visualizing how variables "move", where they are stored in memory, how the script takes place step by step. You will find that in this course!

He devoted a great deal of time to explaining asynchronous JavaScript. At first glance this doesn’t seem easy, but I got a pretty good picture so I could apply it practically. All I have to do is practice!

Final project - Forkify application

The final project, which is processed in the before last section of ​​the course, which lasts a little more than 8 hours. It brings together everything from the rest of the course. The finished application looks elegant, and yet very simple. The approach in programming was object oriented, so this confirms my words about the actuality of the content of this course. Tools that make life easier for programmers have been used, such as npm, parcel, and even diagrams are included to facilitate project visualization. I have to add here, there is even a part where the lecturer explains how to set up the text editor itself ( VS Codewas used in the course). Finally, the area of ​​compiling code into a server-ready final project is covered, then using GitHab - where would developers be without it ?! :)

I can't shake the impression that my every word is excessive. And the picture, in this case the project speaks more than 1000 words. Link to the project!!

PS. This is not a paid advertisement, I write about what I believe in and what I love! :)

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