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Retrospective and new manifesto

Welcome to all of you who have taken some time to read this text and who will be coming back to read my posts! After a little over 10 years, I decided to start writing again and get my blog back. In short, my journey as a blogger started on Blogger, only to soon move to a standalone domain. It lasted about 3 years, after which i lost my creative edge and interest.

At the time of the beginning of my blogging, Bor had the strongest comunity of active bloggers in Serbia. Тoday I know that Gaga ( My - little - pot ) continues to lead a successful story. Bane has recently published two books, but the blog is inactive (I would ask him to come back :)). MiffPHP rock star of Bor, successfully lives and works in Niš. DedaBor, is a-must-be on the list! Punky, old punk - even today I like to hear or read some of his poems or stories. Bor City Info has grown into an information portal. List goes on…

Some say that blogs have lost their importance, I can partly agree with them. Social networks, vloggers, tweets are far more popular… But the blog as such still has a significant place, at least maybe for me as an old-timer in the digital world.

I'm back and I'll write about what I love, GNU / Linux and Free Software as such. Why? I think that Free Software is not where it should be. It offers so much and asks so little in return. As far as i know, anyone who tried Linux never returned to proprietary software (perhaps if they were really bored). On the other hand, I believe in the power of community, in sharing, common development and progress. I will quote one of my good friends: "I don't see any pleasure in eating caviar while you are starving! It is a pleasure for us all to be happy and to share what we have!”I think this is in a way a nice illustration of what a community should be. If I can get someone to try their hand at freedom in the world of software, I'll think that mission has succeeded! :)

The second reason for my return is that I have always loved programming, the first rows of code were inQBasicon, now a museum copy, i386 with a clock speed of 33 MHz and less than 4MB of RAM. I think I still have a RAM module in some box :) Prompt was my first environment in DOS. I don't want to bother you with my history too much, but for now I will focus on developing for the Web and related technologies and of course write about it. The Web has never been a more interesting place to have fun and learn!

One relatively new and interesting area that I will deal with is the area of Internet of Things (IoT. This area is a combination of electronics and programming and allows you to create interesting toys that will be useful in everyday life.

In addition to the technical and professional side, I will give the blog a personal dimension. Technical texts will be complemented by experiences that accompany the use or development of something I will work on. Don’t be surprised if I post a song over time! :) You never know when and what kind of inspiration will knock on the door.

I will write in two languages - English and Serbian. Of course, i prefer Cyrillic (for Serbian posts). Cyrillic is a more perfect alphabet (these are the words of a linguist) - and ours; I use it every day and there is no reason not to copy that philosophy on my blog.

I have changed some of my perceptions, with my own will or with the advice of others, and after a long time. Now, in the digital world, I am looking for my place under the Sun and a piece of Freedom, as well as with Free Software - Freedom is important! I spent too much time in places I didn't like and did jobs that didn't fulfill me. And now I continue to follow my passion!

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