I have to and I want to brag that after a very long time, I threw myself into assembling the computer again. That's one of the reasons I haven't been in the past few weeks, so take my word for it that it's justified! I had been planning this quantum leap (compared to my 10 year old laptop it certainly is) for quite some time, and it happened almost at once. One thing that remains unchanged is that I stay true to AMD.

The person that I bothered the most during the process of assembling the configuration, picking the right manufacturer and selecting the components is definitely Punky (come on, man, start blogging again so that I can link you like a man! :)). There are also Linus Tech Tips and Tom's Hardware sites and forums. If you don't know about them, or have doubts about the components you are measuring, these are the right places for advice.

So after some time of research, I put together a configuration, of course the choice fell on the AMD processor from the Ryzen series - it's the Ryzen 7 3700x, MSI Tomahawk B450 motherboard and I would especially like to emphasize 32 GB of RAM wouldn't like to go into details of what exactly I bought, but like some, I am realizing my boyhood dream. One techno geek has a dream machine :) I know this sounds ridiculous, because DDR5 memmory, ZEN4 architecture will be released in a couple of months, not to mention the announced novelties in the world of hardware.

Components as components, if someone else put them together, it wouldn't be so sweet to me. After two days of hanging out with Panki and a very good hangover, I sat down and slowly put the computer together. Because of the same hangover, I had to pay at least twice as much attention not to miss the layout of the wires :) Of course, I must emphasize that my wife helped me a lot in every way, the most important thing is that she supported this purchase :) One of my observations is that all components have grown not only in terms of characteristics, but also in terms of dimensions, but also in terms of consumption (perhaps it is better to say the heat they release). This is true for everyone, but not for SSD,for me it’s a whole new story! Why? I will write about it soon.

Miners, because of you I could hardly find a graphics card, also AMD. Once upon a time when you used Linux and had a Radeon graphics card, there was trouble around the driver. Now that is somewhat the case with Nvidia. AMD bought ATI/Radeon and released the source code for its drivers! The community has appropriated, refined, or at least adapted it so that there will be no shortage of performance. I am not a gamer, but I support the gesture of the above-mentioned manufacturer.

Basically, I wanted to share my happiness and satisfaction with the new machine. You can also rate what they call cable management - a fancy name for cabling! It doesn't really matter to me personally. According to Punky, I committed blasphemy, because I put the case with RGB components on the floor, but the glitter (it became inevitable) is not going to distract me :)